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Amy Keller Rempp

"Sky Dance - Inukshuk" Art Card by Amy Keller-Rempp

"Sky Dance - Inukshuk" Art Card by Amy Keller-Rempp

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9" x 6" blank interior folding art card with envelope. Printed in Canada on recycled paper. Artist bio and information on the artwork is on the back of the card.

Sky Dance series - Aurora Borealis - Northern Lights

Amy Keller-Rempp is a talented Canadian artist. Originally from Ontario, she, her husband and their three daughters now reside in northern Alberta. Amy was born with a God-given talent, and she believes her First Nations ancestry (The Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte), and her memory of her father drives her passion. She uses mostly acrylic and oil, on many different types of canvas, and has developed unique styles that she describes as Modern Impressionism and Sky Dance Series. Her ability to grind and sculpt metal makes her one of the top metal art artists in the world.

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