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RIDE THE VERSE: Western Poems of BC by Jocelyn Winterburn

RIDE THE VERSE: Western Poems of BC by Jocelyn Winterburn

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A collection of 18 cowgirl poems, telling the stories of the people and places, with humour and reverence. 

For Jocelyn, writing poetry is one of the great joys of her life. Her Cowgirl Poetry reflects both the humourous and serious aspects of the Cowboy lifestyle.  One of her poems, "August," about haying time in the Cariboo, placed third in a national poetry competition. She has performed at private events, as well as the Barkerville Cowboy and Drover's Festival, the Kamloops Cowboy Festival and the O'Keefe Ranch near Vernon.

Jocelyn describers her poems as "performance poetry."  The poems are easily understood and are designed to be read by, or recited to an audience for their enjoyment. There is no mystery, the meaning of the poems is self-evident. 

Read and enjoy.

36 pages, softcover

ISBN 9781778107405

Indigenous cowboys have been a part of BC since the early days of ranching. Many of these poems reflect all cowboys and their involvement in ranching.

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