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12" The Wanderer Dream Catcher - handcrafted

12" The Wanderer Dream Catcher - handcrafted

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12"  Wanderer Dream Catcher with turquoise feathers. Twig sizes will vary due to the organic nature of the material. Colour as shown.

Each dreamcatcher is one of a kind handcrafted and may look slightly different than the picture. 


Dreamcatchers, sometimes referred to as sacred hoops, are made from a wooden hoop, usually willow, onto which a net or web is woven.  Feathers and beads typically hang from the hoop.

The dreamcatcher is a protective talisman used to catch good dreams and protect people from bad dreams.  The hoop, its centre woven in a web-like pattern, allows the good dreams to pass through the web to the sleeper and the bad dreams become entangled in the web, where they perish at the first light of dawn.

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