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Leah Dorion

"Strong Earth Woman" Scarf

"Strong Earth Woman" Scarf

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Designed by Métis Artist Leah Dorion.

"Strong Earth Woman honors the important physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual connection women have with the earth.  The earth teaches us that we need balance in order to be healthy and well."

Scarves measure 180cm x 70cm, and 100% polyester.

This scarf / shawl has the artist's signature imprinted in the fabric, and includes a tag with artist's name and name of the artwork. 


Leah Marie Dorion has cultural roots to the historic community of Cumberland House, Saskatchewan.   She is a passionate interdisciplinary artist and educator committed to sharing Metis culture and history.

 Leah’s paintings honour the spiritual strength of Aboriginal women and the sacred feminine. Leah believes that women play a key role in passing on vital knowledge for all of humanity which is deeply reflected in her artistic practice. She believes women are the first teachers of the next generation.

"I love representing Aboriginal women in the most beautiful and wholesome manner as possible as they are considered the first teachers and givers of life in our cultural teaching"


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