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Ray Baptiste

Mallard 8 x 10 poster, by Ray Baptiste

Mallard 8 x 10 poster, by Ray Baptiste

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This small 8" x 10" poster comes packaged flat, and has the artist bio on the back.  

Suitable for framing.  This size frame is readily available at retail stores everywhere, making it an inexpensive way to display beautiful indigenous art. 


Ray Baptiste was born an Ojibway in Berens River, Manitoba, a northern reserve, and now resides in Vancouver, BC. He grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and was educated at Kildonan East Regional in Winnipeg, where he began studying and practicing art.

Ray spent much of his early adulthood in the Yukon Territory as a trophy hunting guide. During this time he grew closer to “Mother Earth”, and an epiphany that resulted in giving up his lucrative career and learning to respect all life. After returning from the Far North in 1976, he wanted to express and share the beauty and awe of wildlife in the shapes of lines and dots, mixing realism and abstract.

Ray says “Everyone sees his artwork differently, as he leaves much to your own imagination. This way he feels you can become part of his experience in the Far North.”

With an unlimited and gifted talent, Ray has come a long way in developing his unique style and technique. Not only has he shown his artwork in various exhibitions throughout Canada, Ray’s artwork has found its way into collections throughout the United States, Europe and Japan.

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