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Colleen Gray

Fire Dragon Art Card by Colleen Gray

Fire Dragon Art Card by Colleen Gray

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 9" x 6" blank interior folding art card with envelope. Printed in Canada on recycled paper. Artist bio and information on the artwork is on the back of the card.

Colleen was born and raised in Petawawa, Ontario, Canada; her ancestry comes from the Mik'maq people in New Brunswick and from Ireland. Her ancestry hails from a place where they know how to live and love well. Colleen free-paints/free-draws and often starts with an empty head and paints until something begins to develop, then moves forward. She paints from personal experiences and observations obtained from living indigenously in the best way she can. Colleen uses teachings from numerous First Nations wisdom keepers, ceremonial people, Elders and friends over a span of 30 years.

Colleen’s great joy and artistic passion lies in ground mineral based water colour on synthetic paper. The sometimes unpredictable effects of this platform excite her and she loves teaching others how to enjoy the interactions and then mastering the visually explosive dynamics of minerals and water in paint. “It is truly a meditative process that teaches us to slow down, minimize our scope, and focus on the smaller details while enjoying the fascinating interactions.”

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